Our pasta is Kosher certified

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Always attentive to the nutritional needs of our consumers, we have chosen to equip ourselves with Kosher Jewish food certification to allow people of Jewish religion and vegans to feed themselves according to the dictates of the cult or of their own cultural choices.

The Kosher certificate certifies that our pasta is produced respecting the strict laws of the Jewish religion which prohibit the mixing of meat and dairy products in the same meal.

The frenetic pace of modernity makes it increasingly difficult to comply with these rules, especially if you are forced to have lunch outside the home and you have little time to devote to the kitchen. And that’s why consuming products ready to use Kosher certified becomes fundamental.

Consuming a Kosher pasta, as well as being important for religious reasons, is also a guarantee of quality. This certificate attests, in fact, that our products meet very stringent quality standards and that the entire production and packaging process is in compliance with the restrictive laws of Kasheruth.

The extreme rigidity of these rules constitutes a protection for the consumer of any religion that seeks a guarantee of quality, genuineness and purity certified by associations that make use of the collaboration of experts and clarified by numerous close checks on all production processes.

This certification is the umpteenth confirmation of attention and love for the good that we deepen in the preparation of our pasta.

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