Pastificio Graziano

The history of an all-Italian passion.

The company

Born from an ancient passion, the Pastificio Graziano is in Manocalzati in the shadow of the Monti Picentini, environment uncontaminated nature of Irpinia area. Its productive philosophy moves in the furrow of tradition of the pasta Napoletani’s masters, while keeping the characteristics of the native land.

The love for the territory and its food culture is materializes in a paste genuine, because produced with 100% Italian ingredients: durum wheat semolina, water and wisdom of pasta makers.

Indeed, the Pastificio Graziano produces dry pasta of high quality exclusively in typical regional formats using local raw materials.

This is the secret of the unique flavour of our pasta.

pastificio graziano storia

Quality and innovation

Transparency, sustainability and quality are our mission

You are what you eat

sei cio che mangi

In producing our pasta doesn’t go down to no compromise to offer our customers an excellent quality product.

Transparency, sustainability and quality are our values we demonstrate with the strict controls that we carry on the entire production chain, from the choice of the grain 100% Italian, until to the use of water subjected to treatment of ultra-filtration able to remove or reduce the presence of chlorine and heavy metals, analysis of the department of chemistry and biology of the University of Salerno, to ensure total of products’ traceability. Indeed to discover from where comes our pasta just use the batch number on the package’s label purchase.

Finally, our Pasta is one of the few to boast of Kosher and Halal’s marks that certify conformity to ethical standards and hygiene of the law and of the doctrine of Jewish and Islamic.

Pasta Junior

Pasta Junior

In our range of products, we wanted to also introduce two specialties dedicated to all the small gourmets.

Half “Penne Rigate” and the “Maccheroncini” preserve all the taste and organoleptic characteristics peculiar at the drawing-process “large”, but with a size adapted to the children needs.

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