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Our patented platinum and silver dies

Our pasta has always been a symbol of the flavours, aromas and colours of our green Irpinia. Thanks to a continuous research and experimentation, we have been able to patent new solutions aimed at creating an even better final product. This is how our two new types of platinum and silver drawings are born.

The drawing is a crucial moment in the preparation of pasta as it is precisely in this step that we define its roughness and, consequently, its ability to absorb the sauce. That’s why we decided to patent two new dies which, in addition to limiting the wear and tear of the materials, succeed in improving the thermal aspect of the extrusion and consequently the quality of the pasta.

Unlike the classic bronze drawing, the new platinum drawing can guarantee a kind of pasta with a light-yellow surface, porous to the eye and to the touch, which goes against the classic dark yellow pasta of classic drawing. All of it maintaining the same organoleptic properties of traditional pasta.

As far as cooking times are concerned, a common platinum-died spaghetti cooks in 8.5 / 9 minutes, maintaining the same cooking time as a bronze-died spaghetti.

Our endless research and experimentation work does not end with the drawing. To guarantee an ever better final product, we also pay particular attention to the choice of the grains, to the analysis on the production land, to the grinding and, especially, to the final checks on the product that are carried out at the A. Zambelli Chemistry Department of the University of Salerno.

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